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In the beginning…

The creator of KOIOS had one simple objective. That objective was to create modern, sleek appliances that compliment your home by not only looking great, but also by having great practicality and enhancing your daily life. That was the idea for KOIOS and that idea became a reality.

The aim

Enhancing people’s living environment was a big factor in the design of the products. Our air purifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers and robot vacuum cleaners for instance, are a good example of this. KOIOS also desires to create products with a culinary flavor. With this in mind, the KOIOS range of food blenders and vacuum sealing food savers was born.


Technological achievement was sought-after and this was realized through the research and development of the KOIOS Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This utilizes self-charging and drop-sensing technology and was a major breakthrough for the company in 2017. 

Moving forward

It is KOIOS philosophy to continue to advance our product line to bring you products that we are proud of and we know will be of great use to you in your home – now and in the future.