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KOIOS 4L Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room Home, Top Fill Cool Mist Air Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

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KOIOS 4L Humidifiers for Bedroom Large Room Home, Top Fill Cool Mist Air Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

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Why Choose KOIOS UHM-JS02 Humidifier?

Due to the defects of structural design, 4 problems cannot be avoided by other humidifiers on the market: Water Leakage, Low Mist Output, Uneven Mist Output, and Difficulty in Cleaning.

The patented and innovative design of KOIOS humidifier COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the above problems.

KOIOS humidifier COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the 4 problems cannot be avoided by other humidifiers.

Patented Design: 100% No Leakage, Easy to Clean & Refill

KOIOS Cool Mist Humidifier: The humidification unit is located in the water tank, thus water cannot leak unless the water tank is damaged.

Furthermore, the humidification unit is a detachable component, making water tank simple to clean.

*Old version humidifiers: The water tank is placed on top of the humidification unit, and the water drips from the water tank to the humidification unit to work. Once the dripping is unstable, the water in the humidification unit will overflow. In addition, when the humidifier is running, it will make "Gurgling" and "dripping" noises.

Innovative Structure: Higher Mist Output

Thanks to the upgraded design, the max cool mist output of the humidifier has been increased to 380mL/h, and its rated voltage is only 15.6W (Energy Saving), which is impossible for other common humidifiers.

Perfectly Balanced: Consistent Mist Output

The atomization area is isolated from the water tank, thus the mist output remains consistent regardless of the water level thanks to smart design.

Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser 2-in-1

KOIOS humidifier: You can add essential oil to the mist outlet. This is the most effective way to quickly release the fragrance.

The humidifier is primarily made of PP material (common type of material for baby bottles), which is corrosion resistant. Apply essential oil directly to water tank.

*Old version humidifier: ABS material humidifier cannot be added with essential oil, or can only be added with essential oil to the oil tray.

Perfect for Various Rooms

Choose low, medium or high cool mist humidification according to the size of your room and humidity level. With a mist output of up to 380mL/h, KOIOS large bedroom humidifier easily handles spaces as large as 550 ft² / 51 m². Large 4L capacity, 31H of continuous use with low preset.

Top Fill Design

No difficulties when refilling or cleaning the inside of the humidifier.

Detachable cord

Place it anywhere you want.


Auto shut off when the water level is low or the humidification unit is removed. BPA-Free, FCC and PSE certified. Safe and perfect for baby room, nursery.

Easy Cleaning

Detachable humidification unit ensures easy cleaning.

You can reach every corner inside the water tank to clean it thoroughly.

270° Nozzle

Rotating nozzle vaporizer

Expands the humidifying range.


Detachable Humidification Unit

The connection between the water tank and the humidification unit is an elastic buckle. Pull the humidification unit upwards.

There is a circuit board on top of the Humidification unit, please pay attention to the waterproof of this part.

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