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True Hepa Air Purifier Filter For KOIOS PM1220

$24.99 $29.99 saving $5.00
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True Hepa Air Purifier Filter For KOIOS PM1220

$24.99 $29.99 saving $5.00
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What a KOIOS Air Purifier will Do for You and Your Home!

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Neutralize Air Dust

The Fine preliminary filter neutralizes air dust and improves air quality in your room.

Traps Allergens

A HEPA filter helps get rid of common allergy triggers including, pollen, and other large particles.

Reduce Odors and Smoke

The activated carbon filter reduces various household odors such as cooking smells, pet odors, and cigarette smoke.

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Captures Pet Dander

The fine preliminary filter helps removes the pet dander from the air.

Two Fan Speed

The KOIOS Air Purifier offers two-speed levels for different conditions. Set to low mode as the default setting, you can press the SPEED button to switch it to high mode if necessary.

Quiet Operation

Quietly works while you sleep, so as not to disturb you.

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KOIOS True HEPA Air Purifier is Ideal for Your Family. Let Your Family Breathe Easily!


    • Indoor use only, the product should not be used outdoors.
    • Please don¡t shake the product violently or drop it from a high place, so as not to damage the product or shorten its lifespan.
    • Use KOIOS designed replacement filters to maintain product performance, replacement filter Asin: B07JJQ5R9R, replaced approximately every 6 months depending on usage of the purifier.

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